About Shoutem


With the fifth generation of Shoutem app maker, based on React Native, the platform allows users to create truly native and cross-platform mobile apps. The platform provides a complete development environment and tools, and freedom to change any functionality of the platform or create a new one. All functionalities are open-sourced so you’ll never get locked, allowing you to keep the focus on innovating the core of your application.

We took care of the drudge-work

With the complete freedom to modify or create new functionalities, dozens of integrations, hundreds of customizable layouts, CMS, automated publish process and tools for managing your app, Shoutem is your one stop shop for native mobile app development.

It’s that easy

You can use the platform as DIY app maker, to create an app without a single line of code, as we’ve already built most of the functionalities you’d expect from an app, waiting for you to plug them into your app.


Shoutem started as a tool for creating microblogging communities in 2008. With the rise of smartphones, company’s focus pivoted toward mobile apps. With the $1.7 million funding in 2011, the team grew to 20 members and moved its headquarters to New York.

In 2013’s boom of mobile app makers, Shoutem launched the fourth version of the platform, designed for building iOS and Android apps. Today, the team consists of 40+ people, and Shoutem is opening the fifth version of the React Native based platform to developers with the goal of creating exceptional native mobile apps.